Monday, September 16, 2019

Max and swim meets.

Max enjoyed attending the Special Olympics Area meet. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Max attended a program this summer called Arizona Youth Leadership Form. 
He loved it and enjoyed making friends and learning about himself. 
They helped him to see his potential and focus not his disabilities,
but to focus on his abilities

Max had a wonderful time. 

Max and his parents.


Max and his mom. 

Max's friends and yes they are twins. 

Max dancing and signing the song, Eye of a Tiger.

Here are some questions that they asked him at the conference.  

Do you like working with your hands? No
Do you like to use tools? Yes
Do you like to build things? Yes
Do you like to fix things? Yes
Do you like to operate machinery? Yes
Do you like to express yourself? Yes
Are you creative? Yes
Do you like to communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings? Yes
Do you like to perform for others? Yes
Would you like to work outdoors? Yes
Do you like working with animals? No
Do you like to raise and care for animals? Yes
Do you like working with plants? No
Would you enjoy working in a greenhouse? No
Would you like working on a Farm? Yes
Do you like helping others? Yes
Would you like to enforce the law? Yes
Would you like to protect others? Yes
Do you have a good communication skills? No
Would you like to work to improve your community? Yes
Do you like to create things? Yes
Do you like to build things? Yes
Do you like to work in production? Yes
Do you like to work "hands on?" No
Do you like meeting new people? Yes
Do you have good communication skills? No
Would you work well under pressure? Yes
Do you like to influence others' opinions? Yes
Are you persuasive? Yes
Are you eager to help others? Yes
Do you enjoy working with food? No
Do you enjoy helping others improve their appearance? No
Would you enjoy working in a restaurant or hotel? Yes
Have you always been a leader? Yes
Do you like to influence others? Yes
Are you persuasive? Yes
Do you like to direct others? No
Do you have good communication skills? No
Do you like to speak in front of an audience? No
 I communicate my health concerns to others is: Very Limited
Who I could talk to about health or personal safety concern is: Parents
If I didn't feel safe, the following people could help me: Parents
What I do to manage my stress: Technology
What I do to help manage my stress: Exercising
My interests, hobbies, favorite subjects are...Swimming
My extracurricular activities that lead to a career interest are:
Math, History, Baseball, Swimming, Network Security specialist.
My strengths: Memory, Swimming, Math, Enthusiasm and curiousness.
The accommodations I may benefit from while at work: Break
Career I'm interested in: Network Security Specialist, Banking, finance.
A time when I felt really successful was when I...
 was doing swim and had accomplished work.
I have always been glad that I have the ability to...
My best friend would describe me as a person who...
One thing that teachers/mentors have always appreciated about me is...
my curiousness to know.
I love learning about... sports
Something many people find hard to do that I find easy to do is...swim
I think I was born to...Pass the test that God the Eternal Father has given me.
What people find more likable about me is...
My enthusiasm and optimism.
What will make a true leader in my life is...
Unwavering Joy
A time I showed a great deal of strength or courage was when...
I climbed Mount Whitney without complaining.
Something I would like to be remembered for is...
My unwavering joy and my great accomplishments.
A time I felt really glad to be me, was when...
I swam for competition.
One thing my family enjoys about me is...My joy
My greatest achievement this year is...
Three words to describe how I see myself in five years are...
Proud, Family, Loving
Three things I do well are...
Swim, work, and church
A place I really enjoy being is at Church because...
I feel a strong connection.
My most prized possession is my Medals and Awards because...
I worked hard for them.
One of my skills that I hope to use in my work is...
Soft skills
An area of my life where I can express my individuality is...
If I were to receive an award it would be for...
Participating in this Youth Leadership Forum shows that I am...
Willing to try something I do not know.
How much input I have about what I eat and drink is:
Yes, but I choose not to eat certain things.
What I do for exercise is:
Push-ups, oblique rotations, sit-ups and swimming.
The people who could help me if I were being hurt or bullied are: Parents
I know the following about internet safety:
That I should stay off certain websites and do not click on anything suspicious.


Staying apart of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints... not to depart.
Sports and to leave a mark on history.
Family and be in history books.
Independence and service and integrity
Wealth and security, and honesty.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Max went to Arizona Youth Leadership Form

What is Autism?

Max's Spice 2 class did a presentation for the teachers at his school to help them understand more about Autism. Max's special needs teacher is an amazing lady. She does so much for the her classes at Max's school. WE ARE LUCKY TO HAVE  HER.
Here is the outline of the presentation.

Autism is a developmental disorder that impairs the ability to communicate and interact with others.
Just to clarify a few things, What we are explaining is NOT a disease.
As explained in the previous slide, Autism is DISABILITY!
Each person with Autism id different in some way.

What is SPICE?
S- Social
C- Communication
E- Emotional Regulation

SPICE teachers students with Autism and other mental disabilities how to operate in Social environments, manage their emotions, work on organizational/executive functioning skills and focuses on learning independent living skills.

 -  The creator of Pokemon had Autism?
 -  Satoshi Tajiri
 -  Guess who else?
 -  Dan Harmon
 -  Susan Boyle
 - Temple Grandin

Homework overload.
Hard to understand directions.
New Surrounding. (New Class, New School)
Fire Drills/Lock-downs
Test Taking
Getting to school later than usual (road closures, rush hour).
Not getting work down on time.

Let's say someone is taking notes and they are
 falling behind the rest of the class.
What is a way that they can stay on track while taking notes?

- Use Chromebook for notes. (Google Docs)
- Give copy of notes ahead of time
- use fill in the blank notes
- Post notes on Google Classroom

Give clear and slow directions.
Clarify and /or repeat directions.
Give a written directions.
Have a peer repeat and clarity the directions to them.
Check for understanding.

New events on a schedule either in class, personally,
 or any event on campus at school.(Pep Assemblies,
Field trips, Doctors appointments, Etc).
 Presenting a project in front of a class.
     (Stage Fright)
Trying to keep up with the class while taking notes.
Reading aloud in class.
Silence at times.
Being called out in class.

Less homework problems/questions.
Do not give homework every single day.
Allow homework completion in class,
give the last 10 minutes of class to start working, that way,
questions can be answered if the students have them.
One specific due date for all homework assignments
(Example: All homework due by Thursdays).

Multiple Choice Questions - Less Choices
Provide word blanks.
study guides given ahead of time.
Able to test in another room (small group testing)
Have the test read aloud.

Don't tell students when fire drills / lock downs are.
Give out specific jobs

Explain the directions on how to complete the project.
Give specific roles so your group can succeed.
Assign an appropriate peer partner.
     To promote and help with social skills,
communication skills and organizational skills.
Chunk large projects.
     Give due dates for chunk projects
Allow alternative way to present the project.
     One on one, not in front of the entire class,
before school or after school, etc. 

Simplify directions.
Say the information clearer
chunking information
Focus on specific topics.

In conclusion, each person with Autism is different.
If you've met one person with Autism,
you've truly only met one person with Autism.


Max's own words

Max wrote this ;letter to him self last year in his 5th hour class.

Dear Max,
You I hope will have a wonderful year. I often now have a perspective of that I am often seeing what I have done as much. Well, when someone come up to me they often say, "Your awesome, you did a great job for blank." My response is usually I smile or nod or some acknowledgement that I heard them. The point you meed to know how special you are. Your Olympian, Tiger, Eagle Scout, and a Child of God. You should find gratitude in all things. 

Monday, July 22, 2019

Max attended the AZYLF 2019

During the month of April, I was trying to figure out what
Max could do over the summer. 
I knew I didn't want him sitting around playing on his iPad.
 I prayed that I could find something for him to do. He did get a job and loved it,
 but I felt there was something more he needed.
 So, I search for programs that he could attend and found the
 Arizona Youth Leadership Form. 
He loved it!
He went for five days and had the most amazing time. He stayed in a dorm on the 14 floor and had a roommate and was learning about how to
transition from a youth to an adult. 
It was hard to let him go, but I have realized I need to let him spread his wings. 
Max came home so happy that he went. He even graduated from the program. 
We were not able to attend the graduation,
but was able to get some pictures from it. 

Max is wearing the navy blue shirt in the pictures. 

Here he is speaking at the Graduation. 

After he came home, he was thrilled that they invited him to come to state.

His peers are on church missions, getting married or moving on in life. 
Max on the other hand, is learning how to someday make that step. 
I think we did the right thing in holding him back in high school
 for two extra years on top of the regular four.
This next year will be Max's second year of being a senior. 
I have noticed Max is recognizing what is happening more around him. 
It warms my heart to see him growing into a wonderful young man. 
He is learning how to advocate for himself.
That has always been a struggle for him.
 I have noticed lots of people that have autism
 have a hard time advocating for themselves. 
The way we have helped him learn to advocate for himself is
 through rehabilitation, a goal in his IEP at school and
 I have made it a goal for him at home. 

About six months ago, Max noticed the young men in
our church who are a year younger than him
were preparing to serve a church mission. 
He said, "Mom everyone around me is growing up." 
My heart broke, broke into a million pieces
 that he felt left behind. 
I tried to hold back the tears, but they came. 
When you have a special needs child the tears often come
 when you least expect them to. 
I knew though, that Max had surpassed them
in ways they would never reach. 
He is gentle, kind, loving, friendly, helpful and he always smiles.
 Max doesn't see the bad in people only the good. 

Max has been an example to me.
He has taught me how to have patience. 
He has taught me how to love others.
He has been a blessing. 
Pure joy!

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A trophy named after Max!

This Trophy is named after Max that the high school swim team coach
gives to one male and female once a year. 
So cool.

Max at his last orchestra concert. 

Max at the Night To Shine Prom with his swim team friends. 

Max and his date at Night to Shine prom

Max when he was in the Mr. Wonderful Pageant.