Monday, July 23, 2012

Tooth Fairy Visited and Size 16 Pants!

Max is starting to take the physical changes the doctor talked about at our last physical. After having several other children go through puberty, I didn't think it would be a big deal to have one more, but for some reason having Max go through this experience seems to scare me a little. A dear friend from my church, who has three children with autism told me it's different for them. I can honestly say Max doesn't care if I see him nude even with the puberty starting. He doesn't seem to care if he has is hair comb or if he is wearing the cool brand names. Like my other kids he has taken on this puberty stuff in a different way. For instance he thinks when he turns 13 he can watch PG 13 movies. In the past couple of months he has out grown his size 12 pants and is now wearing a size 16. He laughed non-stop while I paid for the new size 16 jeans. He is so thrilled he is wearing a size 16 when he is only 12 years old.

Last week Max lost his last two baby teeth on the same day. No more visits from the tooth fairy and honestly I think she is ready to retire.

Max loves his nephew Preston and often tells me when Malachi leaves on a mission that Preston will be his buddy. 

On the way to occupational and speech therapy today I asked him if he cares if his hair is brushed.
He responded quickly. "No."
Of course, I care, so I have been trying to help Max be more self-suffcient by taking care of his own hair. I wonder if he is ready for that responsibility yet.

It tickles me how he can laugh over the simplest things. Friday night we were driving home from Barns and Noble and he was laughing so hard he couldn't stop until thirty minutes later. He was laughing over the word "coward". I asked him if he knew what the word meant and he said, "no, but it sounds like a funny word."

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Max and I

Yesterday Max and I went to the grocery store to buy milk and a few other items.  While I was self checking out he kept on asking me  "Mom what are we doing later today?"

I don't know why, but I felt overwhelmed with his question and knew it wasn't common for me to get so uptight with him. I am usually very calm. I felt a need to hurry and leave the store. So I didn't pay much attention to what Max was asking. 

Max moved closer to me and put his weight on the scale of the self check out counter. (He has never understood the reason of why I don't want him to touch it.)

"Max stand away from the scale please so I can finish and we can leave."
He quickly moved away and tapped my arm. "Mom what are we doing later today?"

I was scanning my fourth gallon of milk and for some reason I couldn't focus. "Max let me finish and then I will answer your question."

Max touched the scanner again making it to were the cashier had to come over and see what was going on. "Mom why are are you acting like this? Why won't you answer me?"

 I had this urge to lay on the floor and scream while kicking my legs and shaking my arms like a toddler. But being an adult I knew that was out of the question. Max tugged at my shirt like a little boy would and yell out. "Mom what are we doing today?" 

I seriously came close to throwing my money in the air and walking out the door, but I knew I couldn't do that either. My hands shook as I tried to focus on what way to place the money in feeder so it would accept it.

I realized as I left the store that Max still is a little boy. It's been hard to see him grow physically, but in someways he is still a little five year old.

Under my breath and almost a whisper I said a prayer to help me calm down and realized there was no reason to be upset. I guess after Max asking me before we even arrived at the store, then while we shopped and then while we checked out I never could answer him.

Max believes once you say it you have to mean it. So I guess I never answered him, because I didn't know what to say. I knew in my heart what he wanted to hear is, 'Oh we are going to the Lego's store.' 

Max has taught me to value life and see the good in others. He has helped me to deal with problems in ways I didn't think I ever would have learned without the trials I have had with him. He is a blessing and joy. 

When we got home I sat with him and explain he had scouts and needed to have dinner before he left. I think he was disappointed and sad.  I knew if I would have told him at the store while I was checking out it would have been more frustrating than it already was. He would have then started to ask me, "Why, why can't I go to the Lego store?" 

Monday, July 9, 2012

No Drinks for Max

Max was lucky to have his brother Malachi go with him to scout camp and help him. If it wasn't for Malachi, Max would of been a lost sheep among the boys. Malachi told me that Max complained often about having dirty feet.
On the way up to camp and on the way home, Max had to use the restroom several times. I think the leaders realized no more drinks for Max.

Max went to Scout Camp!

                                 Malachi and Max leaving for Camp Raymond.

I got seven merit badges they were First Aid, Swimming, Environmental Science, Geology, Forestry, Soil & Water Conservation and Mammal Study.                 

Environmental Science I had  to do observations and  write about flowers on Friday. And mammal study I had to do a report on a mammals. Swimming I had to do swim. First aid I had to learn how to do fix injury and health problem and I was very thirsty.