Thursday, August 10, 2017

Big News...

Max has been selected to represent the Arizona swim team
in the 2018 USA Special Olympics in Seattle, WA.
Max talks none stop about how excited he is to go to the USA games.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Max asked a girl to prom...and she said, "Yes."

Here is how Max asked her to Prom.
We wrote on a poster board and then cut it into puzzle pieces.
Max wanted to put it in a bag so that is what we did.

He dropped it on her door step.

He was tickled when she responded, by putting a puzzle on our front porch,
 that he had to fill out to get her answer.
I think it's pretty clever.

The whole prom process was overwhelming for me,
because I had to help Max with everything.
I am honored though to have the opportunity to be help him.
From how to ask her, buying the corsage, to what he should wear and the day events.
We talked about how he can carry a conversation with her, open the car door
and letting her enter the building before he does.
He responded, "Mom you always let the girl in first."

I drove Max to all his day events.
Which included getting donuts at 6 am, for the morning group date at the park
and then after the morning group date, I drove them to the batting cages.
His date was not to thrilled about the batting cages, but Max loved it.
She was an good sport about it though.
After batting, I drove them to a frozen yogurt store.
I sat with them and encouraged Max to have a conversation with his date.
It was awkward for me, but Max seemed happy.
Max is always happy. :)

The one thing, I didn't have to help him with is what to bring to the batting cages.
He brought his baseball bag that had extra batting gloves, batting helmet and
 baseball bats for his date.
He brought bottled water too.

 Before they left for prom they had a group dinner
and Max brought lasagna.
He told me he tried the salad and didn't like it.
Max has a difficult time eating green food.

After dinner they took pictures and then left for prom.

Max's date is the one on the far left.

Here are their formal prom pictures.

Here's the pictures of the group he went with.
Max had a wonderful time.
Great memory.
The prom theme was, "A Night in Paris."

Max went to Morp!!!

Max got asked to Morp!!! And he said, "Yes."

Here are the pictures of him and his date
She is a wonderful young lady who has been a good friend to Max.

Max sung the National Anthem at two different events.

Max did an amazing job singing the National Anthem
at a car show and Special Olympics swim.

He was nervous, but he pulled it off.