Monday, October 17, 2011

"Santa comes to the rescue"

Max had a conversation with Malachi that was hilarious. 

“Malachi in a few years we will grow hair on our faces.  How much hair will we have on our faces, Malachi?”

“Buddy, I already have hair on my face?”

Max took another spoonful of cereal and exhaled.  “How many hairs do you have on your face?”

“I don’t know Max, I have never counted them.”

Max combed his fingers through his hair.  “I think I have a hundred hairs on my head.”

Malachi gave Max a smile. “If you had hundred hairs you would be bald.  I think you have thousands of hairs on your head.”

Max looked intently at Malachi’s hair.  “Oh, you too?”
Last Sunday on our way to church Max talked a mile a second.  One sentence stuck with me all last week and kept a smile on my face with sweetness attached. 

“Mom, Santa is going to help me get ready for Junior high.  He is going to give me five, ten, and one dollar bills for Christmas.  It’s going to help me be the best junior high student ever.”

Friday, October 7, 2011

Max brought this home from school yesterday. I had to share it.  I think Max has picked up an interest in drawing. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

A question worth answering.

"Mom, when you are near me, can you feel my spirit?"

"Yes Max, I feel your sweet spirit all the time and it makes me happy."

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Marsupial Sue and the Runaway Pancake"

Wolf Max

Max made and designed his costume for his classroom play.  He drew and put together the props with his classmates.
Max has decided he wants to be a actor.   He told me he is going to make lots of money and give it to people that need help.
The play was adorable and it warmed my heart to see Max performing. I never dreamed I would see Max enjoy acting.  His teacher plans on another play for Thanksgiving.   I can't wait.

"What use are they?"

Before Max pulled open his pajama drawer, he placed his hands on his nipples. “Mom what are these called and what are they for?”  

I thought for a minute, before I responded of what definition I should use, breast, nipples.  Then I felt the best word to say. “It’s your chest.”  As I observed his expression, I realized it wasn’t enough of an answer.   He looked puzzled as he rubbed his hand over his chest.   “Mom is my chest a decoration?”

I pointed to his chest and gave each individual name for each part. He seemed happy, but wondered what use they are to him.  I think this topic was sparked, because of Max’s nephew being breastfed.