Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Listening to a group of teenagers who are Max’s age have a conversation on their jobs, driving, dating, putting papers in to serve a mission and college forces me to face reality. Reality that Max may never drive, have a regular full-time job, attend college or serve a mission like his brothers did.
My tears came as I heard their plans. Max’s plan is to learn to live independently. To be able to wash his own clothes, know how to get home from a mile away from our home, learn to cook and be able to relay complete instructions or directions to another person. So much goes into helping him be able to be independent. My goal as his mother is to help him achieve what he feels is important.
What is important to Max is someday having a family and a job that will support his family.
I hope his goal can be reached.
I am blessed to have Max in my life. Why you ask? Because he has grounded me into realizing what really matters. Why we need to be humble, loving, and accepting of others.  We need to stop judging and focusing on other’s faults. Instead we need to see that what is important is being a Christ like example.
I need to continue to be a support to Max and help him be the best he can be. I need to help him see that not everyone is kind, loving and helpful. Through his eyes he doesn’t see the mean, horrible side of people, he only sees the beauty of others.