Friday, December 31, 2010

my lego harry potter 1-4

I was Really excited and I Like It and i have over a huderied charters and It is Really awesome!

Wii wins over!

Max loves to play on the Wii. His favorite games are Lego's HP 1-4 and Lego's Star Wars. It's been interesting how difficult it is to pull him away from the games. Today we read two books and one of them gave a complete outline of how to make Apple Cider. He wanted some the minute we finished the book. I was shocked because Max doesn't like apples, bananas or any other type of fruit.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

it is all most chritsmas

it is all most chritsmas and i am very exied about it by max

it is all most chritsmas

it is all most chitsmas and i am very exied about it

Friday, December 17, 2010

Harley the Horse, Lama, and Zebra.

Today me and Max went to visit Harley. We have known Harley the horse for about five years. He lives a half a mile from our house. We also drove by a home two miles away that has a lama and zebra in their front yard. As we drove home Max said, "I'm amazing Mom." I honestly was able to answer him with yes Max you are amazing. It's hard to believe that a year ago Max couldn't read or spell. Now he can write words and put down on paper his thoughts. I hope you will continue to come back and read his post.
Max came home from school today with a awesome drawing that made me smile. I will post the drawing tomorrow for you to see. He sure is a blessing in my life.

how many days in till Christmas

there are eieght days in till christmas . and i am excited about chrismas

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

max's favorite foods

my favorite is home made salsa & chips .and i like chicin Ramen and i like beaf ramen.

by Max

Max had said...

Max said, “Mom love is very nice, and that’s it. Did you know that Jesus love can come true?” I stated, “Yes Max, love is a gift we all can share.” He then responded, “Monkey’s can act like you too, Mama, is that Magic?”

Exact words from Max are… Jesus will always be with us if we obey his commandments. If we do that we will see our Mother’s and Father’s again.
If Jesus tells us to fight Goliath, than we should fight him.
We will live again if we obey the commandments.
Do you know why Mama... because he wants us to be good on earth and be safe. He wants other people to be safe.
Mama if we obey God we will still live again, and then live again. We will live again if we obey God.

Max told me that when he gets a wife he will live with his Dad and me. That we will have a large farm with a garden filled with tomatoes and we will sell them and make infinity money.

Mom I have decided I want to get a job as an adventure person. Wouldn’t that be an awesome job mom?

Max said when we have people come over we will need to set up a Lego town on a large table for everyone to look at.

Max said, “Mama it’s been four years since you have seen Grandma and Grandpa. Do you miss them?” I smiled. “Yes, Max I miss them.” He looked at me with tender eyes. “You will need to die to see them again. I guess Jesus wants you to have a test to see if you can live without them.” My eyes became misty after Max’s words of wisdom.

Max asked, “Mom were magazines made when you were little or was that too long ago?”
Max sat at the kitchen table and spoke with a solid voice. “Excuse me Mom; excuse me Mom I want to tell you something. Santa and Jesus are best friends.”

Max playing his Viola

Max at his first orchestra concert.

Max will be the new author of his own blog. Yay!

Max has decided he wants to take over the blog. He changed the design and color with the help from his sister in law. I will continue to post some stories, but most, if not all, of the writing will be done by Max.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Max will now posted his own words...

Dear followers. Max had asked me if he can now post on this blog. He is energized and wanting to share his thoughts and desires. Max had an orchestra concert last night. His fine motor skills are several years behind schedule which made it hard for him to place the bow on the viola. He was so excited when I attended his morning concert and the look on his face was priceless. Please comment when Max post. I know he would love it. You will now be able partake of my son’s life who deals with autism. I sure do love him. Oh Max changed blog colors and design with Haylee help.

Maxwell Reynolds's Favorites

My favorite holiday is Christmas. My skills are math, reading, and writing. My favorite game are Lego Star Wars and Super Smash Brothers Brawl.
by Max