Friday, July 27, 2018

Max's Eagle Court of Honor

Max in his Scout uniform  before Eagle Court of Honor

 The table set up in the room where we had the Eagle Court of Honor.

Tim Carroll telling about how to be an Eagle Scout. 
Max's oldest Brother in the Eagle nest just to the left with a blue shirt on. 
Max's oldest brother Michael read the poem below.

The Eagle

Written by Tom Lalor for Jonathan Lint
Twas the Eagle they chose, as a symbol of strength for a
new and mighty land.
That was forged in Truth, and Liberty; delivered
By God’s own hand.
That Eagle stands for Integrity and Pride
Throughout our age.
To remind us of the wars we’ve fought for
Freedom and the price we’ve paid.
And so it was when Lord Powell called on his troop
Of boys to be men,
That this symbol so strong, so pure and so proud
Was called to serve again.
Not every Scout can wear this badge, in fact they
Are but few
Who rise above their peers today to remind us of
What is true.
That Loyalty and being good will always be our aim,
That Courage and Faith are the best of us, that
The Eagle knows no shame.
These honored few who wear this badge walk
Among us to this day.
To exemplify the very best that we strive for,
So now we pray;
That God will bless and keep these Scouts always
In His sight.
For it is they, not us who know it best, the Eagle
Stands for Right.

Max taking the Eagle oath and repeating what his brother Malachi said. 

Here is the oath and Charge

I Maxwell Reynolds 
reaffirm my allegiance
to the three promises of the Scout Oath.
I will do my best to do my duty to God
And my country and to obey the Scout Law.
I will help other people at all times
And keep myself physically strong,
Mentally awake, and morally straight.

I thoughtfully recognize and take upon myself
The obligations and responsibilities
Of the rank of Eagle Scout.
I will at all times do my best
To assist other Scouts climbing the Eagle Trail,
Especially those of my own Troop, Team an Post.

I will help build America on the solid foundation
Of clean living, honest work and reverence to God.
I promise to make my training and example,
My rank and my influence
Count strongly for better Scouting
And for better citizenship in my family,
Church, community and country
And with my contacts with all people.

I realize that the Eagle rank
Is not the end but the beginning
To this I pledge my sacred honor!

 Max putting my mother's pin on. I now have three Eagle Scout sons.

Max putting the Father's pin on his father. 

Here is pinning it to his dad.

Max receiving his Eagle pin which fell apart.

Putting the broken Eagle pin on Max.

Putting Max's Eagle scarf on.

Putting the Eagle scarf holder on.

Max wanted to give five mentor pins.
 Because these men helped him
 along his journey to getting his Eagle. 

Mark Kitterman was one of Max's
 first leaders an he was a remarkable help to Max when he first started scouting. 

John Johnson was a help to believe he can achieve want he wants.
John Johnson supported Max in all of his life activities. From attending several of Max's baseball teams to attending his swim meets and taking pictures for Max to treasure.  

Jim Turley helped Max see the value of work and making every minute count. 

Tim Carroll influenced Max in ways that gave him the strength overcome obstacles. Tim Carrol and John Johnson hiked Mount Whitney with Max.  
Here is a link to the place they stayed for a week. 

Ted Morgan has been the most amazing influence in Max's life. Ted did not have any son's of his own only beautiful daughters, but Heavenly Father gave young men like Max to be an amazing role model too. Most of all of Max's swimming pictures were taken by Ted Morgan. 
He attended Max's swim meets and went the extra mile to help Max succeed. 

Paul Gibson spoke with Max about how he had never seen any scout say such kind things to the people that mentored them. 

The Mormon Battalion came and honored
 Max with a Scarf holder. 
He also shared a story about the Mormon Battalion. 
Max went to the Mormon Battalion twice and one time he found a snake. Here is the video of that experience. 

Max was so happy. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Pictures of USA Games Special Olympics

Max's swim Arizona Swim Team

The platform for receiving awards

 The American flag above the pool

A sign that was behind the platform for getting awards

One of the other swimmers that got second place in Max's race

He was so  happy. 

Max getting his gold medal

Max and the other swimmers in his swim heat.

The sign outside the pool parking lot

Everyday Max and his team mates had to ride the bus from Seattle to Federal Way. It was a 30 to 45 minute bus ride. They would have to get up at 5:00am or 4:30am to get to the pool on time. 

This is where they swam at. It was a beautiful facility 

Max got 2 towel to keep when he arrived at the hotel. 

Monday, July 9, 2018



Max did a fabulous job at swimming. 

It was a exciting watching him swim. 

He would of walked away with three gold, but he had never swam in a metered pool before and he miss judged the wall when he was swimming the butterfly. He was even ahead of the other swimmers, but he said he was not able to touch the pool wall
because it was further than what he was use to.
Max's new friend won the Gold in the butterfly and Max was happy he did.

Max's new experiences at the USA Special Olympics Games 2018.

He made a new friend from Ohio and I'm hoping they can keep their friendship as the years pass. 
He got to be on ESPN!
He was able to experience life without Mom and Dad around all the time. 
He experience being on a plane for the first time.
He got to swim in a metered pool 
Put a piece of gun on the gum wall at Pike Place
He rode on the tram
He got Gold and Silver National medals
Max had T-shirts made that said, Team Max on them.
Max's teachers came to watch him.
His both school and private speech therapist
 came too. 

Here are some pictures that captured many awesome experiences.

Max with his Grandma, Aunts and cousin before he left for USA Games

Max with his teacher, teacher's aid and school speech therapist. 

Opening Ceremonies

Max and his friend David

Max, his parents and sisters

                                                               Max with his swim team

Max and his sister Melissa

Max with some of his family. 

 Max being happy.

Max's teacher took this picture. 

 Max with his private speech therapist.