Tuesday, March 26, 2019

What? Max is Nineteen?

The morning of Max's birthday he woke up to his door being taped up. 
I thought it would be fun to use paint tape to add color to his orange streamers. 

The night of his birthday we took him to 
  Joe's Farm and Grill. 
He loved his hamburger. 

The Sunday before his birthday we had 
 a wonderful time celebrating his birthday with his siblings. 

The picture below is with his two older brothers and niece. 

Max does not like cake, so instead he had a cinnamon roll cake. 

His niece colored this envelope. 

Inside the envelope was tickets to Harkins.

Max was happy his Aunties and Grandma came to celebrate with him.
He loves his Grandma.

Friends from our church came and sang happy birthday to
 Max with a plate of chocolate chip cookies. 
Max thinks they are awesome.