Monday, December 16, 2013

Two Gold Two Silver

 Max started the school year off with a Orchestra Concert at the end of September. Then, in October I got to shadow him at school. It's where I spend the day with him going class to class with him. It was pretty cool to be with him and see how he interacts with other students and teachers.
 Not much interaction with other students, but he loves his teachers.



Max's Orchestra He is in the back on the left.

Max and his Math of his favorite classes.

Max practicing in orchestra class. I loved sitting next to him and hearing him play.

Max and his Orchestra teacher.

Last picture of the day after Shadowing Max. What a blast it was to be with him.


Max and Special Olympics 

 Max had Special Olympics regional swim meets at the beginning of October.
 He won a gold medal for freestyle and a silver for relay and he was the last to swim in the relay so he had to bring it home.
Even with the beating sun on us, it was worth it to watch him shine.
I'm so grateful for the Special Olympics Program.
They have made it possible for Max to feel important. 
 Max getting his Gold Medal. What a thrill it was to see him shine.

Max's Gold Medal

Max and his friend.
In-between his Regional and State Max got sick with Strep. He fought it so he could attend the State competition and opening ceremonies for Winter Olympics.

The hotel we stayed at put this sign up for the athletes.
Max swimming.
Max got Silver medal in Freestyle.
Max loves baseball.
Max had to step on this for three minutes without stopping.
He did a wonderful job.
Max having fun!
The Gilbert Roadrunners Swim Team
Magnificent Max
Max with Ronald McDonald
Max ready for the parade.

Max was asked to hold the banner. He loved it.
The Torch.

It was breathtaking watching them light the Torch.



Max's glow in the dark balloon.
Here is a picture of Aunt Delia who came with Aunt Vivian to see Max. They watched the ceremonies too. Max calls Aunt Delia, Aunt Dil.
Max was happy to see them.
Max swimming to finish the relay.
Go Max Go!
The Relay Team that won Gold.
Max ready to go home after a fun filled weekend with friends.
I'm so grateful that Max was able to be apart of this swimming event. I loved watching him interact with his friends.
Max said, "Mom I now have a Gold and Silver Medal, now I need to get a bronze, so I can have a complete set of medals."