Monday, April 1, 2019

Oh how Max has grown.

I was looking at pictures of Max from years ago and thought I would post a few.

Max hit a Home-run!!!

Max having fun on the Baseball field.

Max's catching water balloons from his baseball team for his birthday.

Max swimming 100 Butterfly

Last week Max's coach spoke with us about them 
not giving him awards anymore for his swim heats. 
The reason is, he is nineteen, and technically out of high school.
Max is fine with the coaches decision and he feels his 
real reason for swimming is to improve his times
 and learn to swim the strokes better. 

Saturday he did two service projects. 
One was a Eagle service project of painting fire hydrants 
and another was moving stuff for a elderly lady. 
He was tired when we were at the swim meet 
and he did not get to warm up before the meet. 

Here is Max after he swam the 100 butterfly wearing his swim parka. 

After the 100 freestyle the swimmer in lane 3 lost
 his prescription googles while swimming.
 Max and the other swimmers search 
the bottom of the pool until they found them. 
Max found one of the lenses and another swimmer found the other. 
The swimmers parents were happy they found them 
because they were 175.00 googles. 

Max swimming 100 Freestyle