Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prayer, Earth and Darkness.

Max's words.

Yesterday, I thinked about being the best person on earth.

I have been praying the earth would be stable that the earth wouldn’t be darkness, but full of brightness.

Will Jesus like me more, if I do follow his commandments and do what I’m told?

My eyes watered as I responded. “Jesus loves you anyway you are.”

I want to make it brighter. Will he forgive me for all the things I have done on earth, will he do that?”  I’m thinking about getting rid of all my money and giving it to Jesus.  It's a way I will help.  Anyways, it will help Mama. It means a lot to me to have a job and making money.  

I asked him what kind of job. 

“An actor.”

I tried not to giggle.  “You want to be an actor?”

Max shakes his head, yes, while he bites into his pizza. 

Topic change quickly as he continued to talk.

“What do you think Grace means?

 I repeated the question back to him.

He licked sauce from his fingers. “Amen.  I think I can be happier than Lou Gehrig.  I feel I will be the best on earth.  I’m a lucky man on earth.”  Max takes a deep breath.  “Having lots of money, family, and lots of friends.  I would be really happing having lots of friends.   For people that don’t have money, I will give them 50.00.  They will love me like crazy.  I will have about a load of friends.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lou vs. Max

I loved my conversation s with Max at the dining table.  He always has some new advice, story to tell or gives me insight to what really matters.  I wrote this word by word as he spoke. 

He looks at me as though he has all the answers to his future in the palm of his hand.

“Lou Gehrig’s mom, came from Germany.   I’m going to be a good baseball player like Lou—but I’m not going to get a disease like him until I’m 113.”

I continue to listen.

I’m imaging what I will be like if I was a baseball player right.  I would be happy if you show on my blog that I’m going to be a baseball player.  Baseball is my favorite. 

My mind wanted to ask him why and while he shoved a chip with homemade salsa in his mouth I ask.

“Why would you want to be a baseball player?”

Max took a gulp of his milk combined with crushed ice.  Then he raised his eyebrows.  “Because, baseball is fun.  Mom, I’m going to tell you something.  Lou Gehrig didn’t miss a day of school and he was the first to play with the # 4.”   The door bell rings and our conversation came to abrupt end.  

When I return to the kitchen Max was still enjoying corn chips and salsa.  He turned and with a serious look on his face.  “I know what is best for our family with money.  The only way we can get money is if I get a job or Dad gets a job.  Your choice mom.  Do you want me to be an actor and get a lot of money or do you want Dad to be an actor and get more money?  Or either we will have to get a lawyer. 

“Why Max?”

“You know why.”

“Okay, why Max?”

We aren’t in debt; we have fifty dollars or something.  I have been saving it. I want to play it forward and be a friend with everyone on the universe.

Control =Typical

Max and I had an interesting conversation the other day at Breakfast.
Max takes a sip of his milk.  “Is it easy to control me?

“Why do you think it’s easy to control you?”

Seconds before Max puts his cereal spoonful in his mouth. “Because, I can go.”

“You can what?

“Because…I’m almost typical.”

I look right into his eyes.  “Why do you say that?”


“But why?”

Max looks over at me then at his bowl of cereal.  “Hummm.”

“Why do you think that?”

He looks at me with a puzzled look.  “I don’t know.”

“So, what are you thinking about Max?”

Max jumps up and quickly runs away.  “I need to go to the bathroom.”

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Letter from nurse.

Last week Max came home with a letter from the nurse. They had a group discussion on hygiene.

I thought I would post the letter.

Dear parents and guardians of students in room T4, 26, and 27,

Your child had a presentation that covered the following topics:

Their bodies are changing and growing.

They have new sweat glands. If they don't bathe, bacteria under their arms mixed with sweat produced by these new glands can cause body odor.

Their facial hair and facial skin are becoming more oily.

Because of their new sweat glands and oily skin, they should bathe daily and wash their hair.

They should use deodorant and change into clean clothes after bathing.

We talked about the students covering their mouth if sneezing and using their elbows if they can't find a tissue.

We talked about not touching the "T" Zone. Ask your child about the "T" Zone and why it is important to know about it.

We talked about never touching anyone else’s blood if they have a bloody nose or scrape.

We talked about the areas of their body that they should not touch when in class.

We talked about the importance of taking care of their teeth.

We are sending home a deodorant for your child to use.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Nurse.

Max has decided that he needs to apply two different types of deodorant every morning and each night. He has been extremely concerned about how he smells and will frequently ask if items he eats or uses will make him smell good.

My daughter and I had a discussion with Max about what areas of the body he shouldn't touch during class. He said, "I was told to go to the restroom if I have to itch."

My daughter asked him what if you can't wait.

Max eyes widened and he spoke with a louder tone. "I have to wait."

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The secret about allergy shots.

While Max received his allergy shot he looked up at the nurse. "Will this shot make me smell good?"  Her eyes widen and her smile touched her ears. 
"It could."  Max walked away happy at his new finding.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Uncle Max

On August 8, 2011 Max became, "Uncle Max". He wanted to give his testimony in church Sunday and the first sentence out of his mouth while he raised his hand high above his head. . "I love my nephew Preston." Uncle Max loves to hold him and listen to him cry.

Last Friday my daughter and her husband spent the day with Max. She took him to a restaurant that served Italian sodas.
"Max, do you want an Italian Soda?"
"No, it's okay. I'm not much of a caffeine drinker."

Later her husband played chess with him.
"Max, you can't move the piece that way."
"No, no, I'm going to tell you somethin: This is the way you play this game. This is the wizardry rules."

My daughter said while they were driving on the hot afternoon around town Max had to inform them how he felt.
"I'm just saharahing, because I put on too much of that deodorant stuff."

Last night Max gave family prayer.
"Heavenly Father, thank you for the blessings. Thank you for keeping us safe. Please bless Malachi stays safe and please bless that I stay safe. Bless me to be good tomorrow at school. Bless everyone to be safe and happy. Amen."

Max is fixated on deodorant and loves to use two different types at the same time. He applies one and then another. He started showering himself for the first time a month ago. We check to make sure he is remembering to wash and clean each part of his body. Sometimes he will say, “Mom I’m remembering so you can go have free time.” It's hard to believe finally after eleven and half years of bathing him, he is now bathing himself. It's been a long past due goal to have him accomplish. Never did I think this day would come were he could finally wash his own body. I look back over the years and can see the growth Max has had. It’s been a long hard road and many steps back before a one good step forward. He is truly a gift from God. I have had to sacrifice much for him to achieve some goals that have come natural to a typical child. I have gone without, lost sleep and given up much for him to gain some type normal living. I would never ever take one moment back. He has been worth it. His cute responses come often during the day and they bring joy with each passing moment. Thanks to a loving Heavenly Father who trusted me with this valiant spirit.