Monday, February 28, 2011

Webelos and other awards.

Max received sixteen pins and his Webelos badge last Thursday night. He was so happy. He came home and placed each pin on his colored ribbons. Next month he will get his Arrow of Light and Religious Knot.

Max Prayed in Class Today.

In school today Max spoke loud in class, “I prayed to God to help me finish my writing.” Max’s teacher was shocked when she heard such words come out of a student.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Max thinks Malachi is Awesome.

becase we wach movies that are insane

Special or Typical

Max asked me yesterday what special ed meant. I told him it's a class for special kids. He asked me if he has ever been in a typical class. I told him his music, art and library classes are typical. He said, "You know mom Edgar is typical and he is in my class. He can remember things and I can't". Then with a sincere look on his face he said, "When I get to Heaven I will be typical".

Then this morning at the breakfast table I asked him if Malachi is special and Max responded, "no he's typical." I asked, "why do you think he is typical."
Max said, "Because he isn't special."

Valentines Story by Max

My heart gets love from nicer person. Kiss me and I turn into a frog and the frog sets me flowers and lets frog is name Tom. And the intermost himself. Written by Max at school. 2-14-2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Max experience with Strep Throat

Max has been extremely ill with strep throat since Sunday. Glad I felt the spirit tell me to take him to the doctor. He and I have spent the last two days watching all the episodes of Bob the Builder, Mario Brothers and Veggie Tales. Today while we sat on the couch together he told me while he had his arm around me. "Everyone, but Jesus and Heavenly Father have a lot more to learn. Then about three minutes later he said, "Milk is just like snow."

Max is such a joy even when he is sick and feeling horrible. I sure do love him. We both spent the day resting in our pajamas.