Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Max asked, "Why do people have trees at their houses?" This question was asked about ten times on our way home from cub scouts. Max has been on this kick of asking me questions. Other questions he asked often ----"Why are there red lights on the back of cars?" "What is speech?" The sad part to all of this is he can't remember the answer after I respond to his question. Minutes will past and he will repeat the same question that he had asked five minutes ago. Max is fixated on his Lego's right now and seems to find joy in his star wars Lego's game.


  1. My boys are addicted to Lego Star Wars too!!!! I can't vaccume for fear of sucking up a miniscule person or microscopic gun!

  2. Walking in his room with bare feet sometimes very painful, Lego's everywhere. That neat that our kids both like Lego's.