Monday, May 25, 2009

Max and Yoda

A piano played, children singing a duet with their mother playing a viola didn't seemed to stike Max's attention during church today. His focus was a pen in his right hand and a white plain piece of paper that was first used with hope that I could draw a correct picture of Darth Vader. Max face lite up when I completed a face of some weird helmet with lines going directions that I didn't understand there purpose. He quickly pulled the pad of paper from my hands and tried endlessly to make another Darth Vader. With each tick of the clock that was placed on the east side of the chapel Max had added one more Darth Vader to the ever growing drawings that were circled around the helmet Darth Vader I had drawn. Max loves Star Wars Legos and seems to think that Yoda is about the same size as he is. Max words, "Yoda my size mom. Yoda nice mom." I was pleased that today he spent the day playing in his room and not infront of the computer.

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