Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Too Many People...

Soon after Max got home from school we left for the doctors office for allergy shots. A Tuesday event we have been doing since last July. The last three times we have gone Max has had a hard time with more than a handful of people in the the waiting room. I have tried to take him on the day the office isn't as busy as other days and found Tuesday to be least crowded. Yesterday Max kept saying over and over while we waited the 30 minutes after he received his shot. "There are too many people in this room."
When we went to visit his grandma and relatives on his dad's side of the family for Christmas he had a difficult time with so many people there. He wanted to leave the minute we arrived. Even though he knew everyone and has known them since he was born he still couldn't handle all the people.
I have talked to several parents who have a child who deals with autism and some have had the same problem. I wonder if Max will ever be able to handle large groups of people around him. I'm greatful he is able to at least express his feelings. He can't tell you why it brothers him, but he can tell you when it's time to remove himself from a place that he is not happy being in.
Maybe as he gets older he can write about it on his blog.


  1. I hope Max will be able to engage with others on his own terms. That he can self express is a big plus to his growing development. I have seen kids with his problems not able to do so. It is a true test of patience, love, and being flexible. Hugs, Max! From "Reed"

  2. Colt is exactly the same way! He absolutely hates being around a lot of people. It's been very difficult to attend social events such as weddings, funerals, birthday parties, etc. We eat out and go to stores during off hours so there's not so many people.