Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Special or Typical

Max asked me yesterday what special ed meant. I told him it's a class for special kids. He asked me if he has ever been in a typical class. I told him his music, art and library classes are typical. He said, "You know mom Edgar is typical and he is in my class. He can remember things and I can't". Then with a sincere look on his face he said, "When I get to Heaven I will be typical".

Then this morning at the breakfast table I asked him if Malachi is special and Max responded, "no he's typical." I asked, "why do you think he is typical."
Max said, "Because he isn't special."

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  1. Pam, Having been your parents friend since forever and know a bit of the challenges you have faced, I say you are wonderful and amazing. I watch your postings and see "Amazing Max". He has insight and logic that has to have ccome with him from the otherside. I can't explain it but I can feel It.
    Br. Hansberger