Max loves swimming

Max loves swimming
Max is a Special Olympics Swimmer

Friday, May 27, 2011

I have autism.

My heart felt like it broke into several pieces when Max looked up at me and spoke minutes before walking into occupational therapy.

“Mom I know why I go to therapy, because I have autism and you want me to be typical.”

I stood frozen unable to move and my face felt like all the blood had rushed to it. Tears formed and a smile developed as I return an answer. “Max I love you just the way you are. You have therapies to learn skills, so you will be successful when you get older.”

He acted low-spirited and gave me a confused expression. “Okay mom, I’ll go.”

Max is still learning how to hold a pencil correctly while using the right amount of pressure. He writes at the level of a first grader. His reading level is almost at third grade and he is proud of the fact he can read at 2.6 grade level. When I took him to the library he was sure to tell the librarian he can read at 2.6 grade level.

God has blessed me with a choice spirit. God has given me encouragement to cope with several long hours of therapies on a weekly base. Yes, I have complained of how tired I am of taking him. I realized today it’s not just challenging on me, it’s difficult on Max. Today I became conscious that he is tired of them too.

I believe the therapies have helped him to function on a higher level than I ever dreamed of. Doctors, and physiologist have told me he would never be able to function above a third grade level. I have faith, if I continue to press forward with determination Max will someday be an intellectual man like his older two brothers.

Max is truly a gift to me from God.

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  1. Max is one special young man! I remember working with him when I came to see you about 6 years ago. It is amazing how this progress and level of maturity has blossomed. I can imagine your challenges with meeting his needs through therapies; it is almost like being diabetic on insulin shots and being tired of having to poke for blood sugars and giving shot(s) daily--Mom gripes at that a lot. My thought is that Max's mental processing is simplistic but oh-so-deeply profound, Pam. That in itself is something that no doctor or therapist can take away from Max!! I honestly think he may fool them all, if not already!! :) It was such a pleasure working with him when I studied his case. Hugs! Ronda