Max loves swimming

Max loves swimming
Max is a Special Olympics Swimmer

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Letter from nurse.

Last week Max came home with a letter from the nurse. They had a group discussion on hygiene.

I thought I would post the letter.

Dear parents and guardians of students in room T4, 26, and 27,

Your child had a presentation that covered the following topics:

Their bodies are changing and growing.

They have new sweat glands. If they don't bathe, bacteria under their arms mixed with sweat produced by these new glands can cause body odor.

Their facial hair and facial skin are becoming more oily.

Because of their new sweat glands and oily skin, they should bathe daily and wash their hair.

They should use deodorant and change into clean clothes after bathing.

We talked about the students covering their mouth if sneezing and using their elbows if they can't find a tissue.

We talked about not touching the "T" Zone. Ask your child about the "T" Zone and why it is important to know about it.

We talked about never touching anyone else’s blood if they have a bloody nose or scrape.

We talked about the areas of their body that they should not touch when in class.

We talked about the importance of taking care of their teeth.

We are sending home a deodorant for your child to use.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Nurse.

Max has decided that he needs to apply two different types of deodorant every morning and each night. He has been extremely concerned about how he smells and will frequently ask if items he eats or uses will make him smell good.

My daughter and I had a discussion with Max about what areas of the body he shouldn't touch during class. He said, "I was told to go to the restroom if I have to itch."

My daughter asked him what if you can't wait.

Max eyes widened and he spoke with a louder tone. "I have to wait."

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