Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Max! WE LOVE YOU.

Max turned 12 last weekend. What a wonderful day he had. Family came and it was a complete success.

                                            Max and his Grandma Reynolds

Last Monday 3-19-2012 Max sat at the kitchen table and talked as though he knew the answer for everything. I was preparing dinner and he kept me entertained with his awesome conversation and I totally enjoyed it.

He said. "Mom I know why I was born, because you needed me." My heart swelled from his sweet gentle words.

Max had wonderful time on our walk around the neighborhood with his two sisters and of course I came. Max's sister Miriam brought her dog Boss. We enjoyed watching Pennie chase the ducks and Boss resting in the grass. But for some reason Max had a melt down shortly after I took a picture of him with our dog Pennie.

Max had the melt down because he was upset he wasn't able to spend time with his sister Melissa last Friday because he went on the scout camp out.

He said. "Mom you don't understand, I wasn't told about going to Melissa house." He was so upset and I knew he needed to practice is viola. After talking for fifteen minutes I told him if he practices he can watch 30 minutes of "Lord of the Rings."

His frown turns quickly to a smile as he lifted his head. "Mom that helps me not to be upset to know I can watch "Lord of the Rings."

Max was screaming as though the house was on fire. I ran upstairs to find him standing in the shower with a look of despair. "Mom I can't get out without the bath mats."

I felt a breeze of cool, fresh air enter the room and mist started to disappear between us. "Max they are not dry yet, so you will have to get out without them. I will place a towel down for you to walk on."

"Mom okay, but please remember I need a bath mat."

           Max leaving on his scout campout.  (He forgot his scout shirt and had to come back home to get it.)

                      The moment he got home from his trip. He wanted a shower!

                               Max and Pennie enjoying the wonderful weather.

                                                      Max spying on ducks. 

                                                 Pennie chasing the ducks. 

Max and his sisters.

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  1. Enjoyed the pictures. Hope Max had a nice birthday! Love and hugs all around.