Friday, June 22, 2012


Max has been attending a drama camp this week with typical children. The director has a son with autism and she was thrilled Max wanted to come. I think it was nice of her to let him.
It's been a thrill to have him come home from drama camp and say, "I did good today."  It warms my heart to have him so happy.
Today is the performance and I can't wait to watch him perform.
This is the first time Max has ever been apart of an event for typical children outside of our church group and I think he has done very well.
Yesterday while I was cooking him an egg and toast (french toast is what Max calls it) he about came unglued when it tasted different then usual. He figured out that I put butter on his french toast instead of margarine.  He refused to eat it and enjoyed feeding it to our dog. 
"Mom that french toast was not good, I want you to use the right stuff next time, please?"
 Max and I went shopping for a pair of black shoes for the play. I was taken back by how Max was more worried about how the shoes looked than how they felt when he walked in them. I guess puberty is beginning to show it's ugly face. In the past couple of weeks Max has had more interest in his appearance. He always wants to have his hair like Malachi's and he will beg Malachi to style his hair. Thank you Malachi for taking the time to help Max.
The other day when Max was getting out of the shower he kept asking me questions. "What does puberty mean? How will my body change?" I told him his voice will get deeper, his armpits will grow hair, and he will need to take better care with washing his face when he takes a shower. (Max is already made this a habit.)
I'm so glad I introduced anti-perspirant to him a year ago. He won't leave anywhere with using it. Yay Max!
Lately Max has had a hard time responding to my questions. I have noticed it takes him twice as long as usual to answer me. This morning it took him five minutes to let me know what he wanted to drink for breakfast. I remember when he was eight and younger having a problem with responding to my questions. I guess we are having a relaps.
I sure do love him though and feel blessed to have him in my life. He is a joy!

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