Monday, August 27, 2012

Birthday Fun with Preston and Grandma!

Last weekend was Max's nephew's Yo Gabba Gabba one year Birthday party. Everyone wore their swim suit and a Yo Gabba Gabba shirt for the awesome occasion.  The birthday started at eight, but we got there 7:30 on a beautiful Saturday morning. Decorations were amazing that Max's sister in law Haylee made and the food was delicious. Max had fun playing on the splash pad with his nephew.  
After eating, singing Happy Birthday and watching his nephew unwrapped his gifts we left for home. 


Max helping Preston and Haylee open the gift we bought him.

Later that day we drove to cooler weather to see Grandma and celebrate her 80th Birthday. Max loved listening to my Ipod on the way and was disappointed when the battery ran out. Didn't bring a charger with us. Darn!
Max's Aunt Debra invited us to go to the Mortimer Family Farm to see the animals, corn fields and other attractions before Grandma's celebration. Max and I rode the Train Barrel ride and it was a blast. His Uncle Darrel drove the tracker and pulled us all over the farm. Max wanted to sit in the very back barrel and I sat about four barrels in front of him. When we finished our barrel train ride we jump out quickly and headed straight for the hayride. Max sat next to his Aunt Vivian and brother Malachi. Aunt Vivian asked him how did he like the barrel ride and Max response was
"It was like a roller coaster ride." 

 Uncle Darrel telling Max he was going to get him.
Max having fun with his Uncle Darrel

Max on a tracker
Later that evening we went out to eat with Aunt Terese, Aunt Delia, Aunt Vivian, Aunt Debra, Uncle Darrel, Debra's parents, Max's dad, brother and Grandma to
Texas Road House.
Max ordered Mac & Cheese and a hamburger. After our experience with Max on our last excursion to a restaurant where he order seven different dinner plates without the waiter telling us he did. We were seated at a different booth with Michael and Haylee. Malachi and him were seated at the another. When we got up to leave we noticed seven plates in front of him. He ate food off of only one of the plates. That was one expensive breakfast. Learned my lesson...need to make sure to be with him when he orders food.   
 Max loves Grandma
What a blessing it was to celebrate both Grandma Reynolds 80th and Preston's one year birthday.  It was a joyous busy day...Max slept the whole way home.

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