Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Max's Dream

"Mom's this is Max, can I stay after school?"
I took a deep breath before responding and realized he wasn't due home from school for another three hours.
"Mom I need to stay after school for Baseball tryouts."
Before I could get a word in his teacher spoke.
"Tonight at 6:30 there is a meeting for the students to be involved with sports. Max wants to come and be on the baseball team."
The phone went dead...yes three months ago I dropped it in water while I was soaking my toe. Silence was all I heard while I held the phone to my ear and rushed quickly down to the basement to get the other phone.
After I called his teacher back we discussed how difficult it would be for Max to be on a typical team and compete. Plus, Max doesn't know the rules or guidelines for playing baseball. He is talented though with hitting a ball and he can catch a ball.
Right before we ended the conversation we both came to the realization that the school team wouldn’t be a good fit. We thought of other ideas like having him be a ball boy, but I knew in my heart he wouldn't want to sit on the sideline watching others hit the ball or run from one base to the other.
Disappointment was definitely in both of our voices. It tore me into pieces knowing that I had to tell Max that the school team wouldn’t be the best for him.
Special Olympics here we come!

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