Friday, March 4, 2016

Max Got Braces

Yesterday, after we walked out of the orthodontist office Max was sure to let me know he had been embraced with braces. He sure has a sense of humor. On the way home he kept asking me if he will ever get use to wearing braces. The last 48 hours have been difficult and he won’t eat anything besides homemade banana bread and soup.

Max takes everything literally and when the orthodontist told him to not eat anything sticky, chewy, crunchy or hard he has decided not to eat. Why you ask, because Max believes everything is sticky, chewy, crunchy and hard. The orthodontist gave him a paper with pictures of everything he should not eat and drink and one was no sugar products. So he has decided not to drink pop or juices.

Max likes routines and one of his routines is to take the same food for lunch every day. He has been taking the same thing for lunch for the last three years. Now that he has braces his routine will be disrupted because he can’t eat corn chip with homemade Salsa anymore, his favorite.

We have been watching several YouTube videos on how to floss and brush braces. Hopefully this will  help him get a better idea of how to floss and brush. I have always been the one to floss his teeth because he can't figure out how to do it. I hope in time he will learn.  So our nightly routine will be changing too with longer dental care.

My prayer is he will eat and get use to the braces.

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