Tuesday, August 21, 2018

One of Max's Pet Peeves

Last week I accidentally let Max's scrambled eggs touch his toasted raisin bread.
 Since then Max reminds me every morning to not let his toast touch his eggs. 

When Max was younger he would not eat ice cream, yogurt, jello, pudding, 
or any other food that was soft instead he would only eat
 crunching foods like, corn chips and popcorn. 

Kindergarten through 6th grade he ate waffles every morning with strawberry milk. 
Since then he only wants eggs and
 toasted raisin bread with cinnamon honey butter for breakfast. 

Max has always taken his lunch to school,
 because he is not sure he would like what they are offering. 
The last seven years he has been taking the same thing every day.

Max's lunch menu

three slices of homemade banana bread
three homemade oatmeal and raisin cookies
a raisin and nut bar
apple sauce
a bag of raisins
a bag of fresh carrots
three slices of ham

He also takes bottled water.
Max has never had a desire to eat candy or pop. 

I am trying to get him to taste new foods. 
Last night I made homemade french fries and he ate them. 
It made me smile. 
I wish I could get him to try enchiladas, lasagna, green beans, broccoli,
 and other casserole dishes that I make. 
Ever since Max was little he has never wanted to eat anything that is green. 
Like pickles, green beans, peas, olives, cucumbers, celery, lettuce. 
I hope someday he realizes that green food is yummy. 

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