Friday, December 11, 2009

Max's life with soccer and math. Oh yes, and Christmas!

I haven’t written in quite a while. I guess I have been procrastinating. Max has grown so much these last couple of months. He can now add, which he is very proud of. Three days ago he told his teacher he will do math, but no reading or phonics. He came home with only a ‘good’ written on his commutation report, instead of an excellent. Max cried for two hours. Finally, I was able to divert him to think about something else, like how many days until Christmas.

My heart seems to take a jump when I wake him each morning and the first word to come out of his mouth is, “15 days until Christmas.” He is extremely excited about Santa bringing him a Bumble Bee transformer with Sam and Optimums Prime transformer. It never fails when I take him to the store he has to go and look at the Transformers. He will glare at them and then look at me and say, Santa is going to bring me one and he is making it right now.”

I’m proud of Max’s desire to be on a soccer team called, ‘Orange Crush’. Last week was his final game and he did an amazing job. He loved to kick the ball and it didn’t matter which way it was headed. Out of bounds, in the opposite opponents goal or to a player that isn’t on his team. Each time he would kick the ball he would raise his hands in the air and walk with pride. He constantly had a run in with another player who is six years older and has downs syndrome. Max would walk up to this other player and say, “no points” while pointing his finger at him. I have plans to put Max on a basketball team next month. I hope he enjoys it as much as he has soccer. Oh, he got a trophy last week and was so happy. He carried it every where.

I have never mentioned before, that I’m in the middle of revising a novel. I have worked on it for nine years. I know that is almost a decade ago. It’s been hard to write with kids, therapy appointments, dinner, sickness, laundry and housework. I hope next year to have it published. I will be starting a blog for my book in the next coming month.

Thanks for reading about Max. He has been a joy and a blessing.

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