Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lou vs. Max

I loved my conversation s with Max at the dining table.  He always has some new advice, story to tell or gives me insight to what really matters.  I wrote this word by word as he spoke. 

He looks at me as though he has all the answers to his future in the palm of his hand.

“Lou Gehrig’s mom, came from Germany.   I’m going to be a good baseball player like Lou—but I’m not going to get a disease like him until I’m 113.”

I continue to listen.

I’m imaging what I will be like if I was a baseball player right.  I would be happy if you show on my blog that I’m going to be a baseball player.  Baseball is my favorite. 

My mind wanted to ask him why and while he shoved a chip with homemade salsa in his mouth I ask.

“Why would you want to be a baseball player?”

Max took a gulp of his milk combined with crushed ice.  Then he raised his eyebrows.  “Because, baseball is fun.  Mom, I’m going to tell you something.  Lou Gehrig didn’t miss a day of school and he was the first to play with the # 4.”   The door bell rings and our conversation came to abrupt end.  

When I return to the kitchen Max was still enjoying corn chips and salsa.  He turned and with a serious look on his face.  “I know what is best for our family with money.  The only way we can get money is if I get a job or Dad gets a job.  Your choice mom.  Do you want me to be an actor and get a lot of money or do you want Dad to be an actor and get more money?  Or either we will have to get a lawyer. 

“Why Max?”

“You know why.”

“Okay, why Max?”

We aren’t in debt; we have fifty dollars or something.  I have been saving it. I want to play it forward and be a friend with everyone on the universe.

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