Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prayer, Earth and Darkness.

Max's words.

Yesterday, I thinked about being the best person on earth.

I have been praying the earth would be stable that the earth wouldn’t be darkness, but full of brightness.

Will Jesus like me more, if I do follow his commandments and do what I’m told?

My eyes watered as I responded. “Jesus loves you anyway you are.”

I want to make it brighter. Will he forgive me for all the things I have done on earth, will he do that?”  I’m thinking about getting rid of all my money and giving it to Jesus.  It's a way I will help.  Anyways, it will help Mama. It means a lot to me to have a job and making money.  

I asked him what kind of job. 

“An actor.”

I tried not to giggle.  “You want to be an actor?”

Max shakes his head, yes, while he bites into his pizza. 

Topic change quickly as he continued to talk.

“What do you think Grace means?

 I repeated the question back to him.

He licked sauce from his fingers. “Amen.  I think I can be happier than Lou Gehrig.  I feel I will be the best on earth.  I’m a lucky man on earth.”  Max takes a deep breath.  “Having lots of money, family, and lots of friends.  I would be really happing having lots of friends.   For people that don’t have money, I will give them 50.00.  They will love me like crazy.  I will have about a load of friends.


  1. What a wonderful blog, Pam! I'm constantly reminded what blessings children like Max are. They teach us all so much.

  2. Max, you make my life brighter! You ARE one of the best people on this earth! Love you bunches!!