Max loves swimming

Max loves swimming
Max is a Special Olympics Swimmer

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Satan stink!

                                             Max on Christmas Eve.
Max wanted me to take him to a bird shop to see the birds last Saturday. When we arrived the shop had a sign stating they had closed. A hundred questions came out of Max of why did they close down. Why aren't they open? I tried to explain to him that the economy is not good and so stores and places are going out of business.

I was shocked when that evening during dinner prayer Max spoke up interrupting the person giving the prayer. He said, Excuse me, please bless the economy." Since that prayer each time we have prayer Max prayers for the economy to get better.

On Sunday after church Max and I were sitting at the table eating my homemade salsa and corn chips. I loved moments like this where we were together and I especially liked it when he would bring up a subject on something I had not thought about. Max taps my arm.

"You know what is bad about Satan Mom?"

"What is bad about Satan?"

Max swallows his chip before he speaks. "What is bad about Satan is his breath stinks and he is really rude and impolite and he talks garbage."

I got up to get a dishcloth to  wipe up the salsa on the table that Max had dropped. When I pulled out the chair to sit down I gave max a puzzled look. "Really?"

Max dipped a chip into the salsa bowl. "He says bad words and makes me think bad things about people."

I pondered a few seconds before I spoke. " Satan doesn't want anyone to be happy. He wants us to do things that are wrong and mean."

Max got up and looked at me before he went to get a cup of water. "I don't like Satan even if he is Jesus' brother."

Max is something else. My grandfather often told me, "Max is going to be a joy years down the road. He will brighten your days with wonderful thoughts." 
You know, my grandfather was right he is a blessing and joy. I will never forget when I took Max over to meet Grandpa. He was unable to stay still and wouldn't slow down enough for me to enjoy visiting with Grandpa. Grandpa could tell I was frustrated and wanted a break. So he wrote me a note days later after our visit and express how years later I would see the reward of Max's sweet spirit.

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  1. Loving your posts, the thoughts and prayers of your darling Max, and those great words of wisdom from your grandfather.