Max loves swimming

Max loves swimming
Max is a Special Olympics Swimmer

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Day To Remember

 Max getting ready to walk out on the field.

 Max and Malachi

 Max and Malachi walking the field with his team.

Didn't know it was Autism Awarness Night. 
 So cool to see this on the big screen.
 Max cheering on the D-backs with shouting out BEAT LA!

Max was tickled with the mascot wearing red underwear that said BEAT LA.
He laughed the whole way home.

Next Day's Game

 Max hit a home run.
Max running over home-plate.
After the game on Saturday Max asked me if he would ever be typical
 like everyone else. I asked him what does he mean by typical?
He responded with, "You know Mom, when I don't have autism anymore.
I asked him what is so bad about being Autistic.
He said, "Nothing, I think if I wasn't autistic, I could be an celebrity.  
His question stirred emotions of how I have also dealt with not feeling like I fit in because of having CRS and being blind in my right eye.
Max opened my eyes to what really is important.
 It's about being YOU the person God intended for you to be.
We are all so different, even typical people as Max calls them have faults and desires to be something other than what they are. Each of us have habits that seem odd to some and make others think we are not normal.
What does it mean to be normal?
A question I ask myself many times.

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  1. Tell Max that he IS CELEBRITY because of who he is--somebody who happens to have autism. It is how he addresses the condition that matters. I think Max handles his autism wonderfully. He is growing right up!! Looks like his time at the baseball field was wonderful, too! Even I wished I could have been there! Love you, Max! "Reed"