Monday, March 31, 2014

Max's Birthday Party and Bat-a-thon

The day of his birthday party he was in a bat-a-thon and guess what?
He won first place.
The baseball went out field 199 feet. They made him hit the ball off of a T.
 So if he would of not had to use the T the baseball would of gone farther.
  Max in his baseball gear.
Later that day Max had a wonderful birthday party
 and it was...
lots of fun.
Everyone shared what they loved about Max.
His smile grew as he listened to what they liked about him.
I wish I would of wrote down what everyone said.
His brother who is on a mission in Russia emailed me something about Max
and I read it to him.
"Max is the bomb, a chick magnet and I love him."
Max loved that he said he was a chick magnet.
He still talks about it.
Max wrote his brother back the next week and asked him if he thought he would
blow up.
How cute is that?
Here is Max minutes after we sang Happy Birthday to him.
Max happy.
That is his brother behind him that sent a message from Russia.

Max's Oreo Cookie Cake that I made him.
The cake had cream cheese,  
homemade whipping cream and Oreo cookies.

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