Friday, November 9, 2012

Max's World

What life has been like for Max these last couple of months. 

Max had a Orchestra Concert in the park. 

Max in his Orchestra school shirt. He was glad when concert was over. 


Max getting ready to carve his pumpkin.

Max thrilled with his pumpkin.

Max wanted me to get a close up of his pumpkin.

Max put his pumpkin outside on Halloween night and asked me to put a candle inside. 


Max's Halloween costume. 
Max wanted to be a Newsie from the musical Newsies. He loves the Newsies.

Car Show

After Car Show we went to visit my cousin. 

Max got to help feed my cousins horses and he loved it. 

Then we went to visit sweet, dear Nancy and her hubby.
Nancy let Max play with her bow and arrow. He loved it

Max's brother Malachi helping him. 

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  1. Hi, Max!
    I hope you had a great Halloween! I loved your costume and the excellent work you did carving out your pumpkin. It looks like you had a wonderful time doing all of these neat things--it makes me happy that you did enjoy yourself! Just wanted to say, "I love ya, and wish you the very best in all that you do." Hugs from your buddy, "Reed", better known as Sister Ronda Reed :)